Raspberry simple syrup in a glass with fresh raspberries on top.

RASPBERRY SIMPLE SYRUP RECIPE This Raspberry Simple Syrup recipe is simple, just as the name implies.  It is simple to prepare and is done in minutes. You can use it in cocktails, beverages, baked goods, fruit salads.  Or simply add

Mandarin Orange Mojito Drink

Two mixed Mandarin orange mojito drinks garnished with lime and made with mandarin oranges, limes, mint, simple syrup, rum, and club soda. Garnished with a lime slice.

Mandarin Orange Mojito Drink The Mandarin Orange Mojito drink is a  citrusy blend of orange and lime with a hint of mint.  It is a refreshing and delicious cocktail that is light and tastes great! The Mandarin Orange Mojito is

Berry Blend Mojito Drink

a gobblet glass of Berry Blend Mojito with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries mixed with lime, mint, simple syrup and ckub soda.

Berry Blend Mojito Drink The Fruity mix in this Berry Blend Mojito Drink makes it a sweet, tasty cocktail you’ll want to try again and again.   The easy preparation means you will be enjoying these mojitos in a matter

Grapefruit Gin Mojito Drink

A tall glass of Grapefruit Mojito, includes grapefruit, mint, lime, gin, and club soda. Garnished with a grapefruit wedge and straw.

Grapefruit Gin Mojito Drink If you like gin and you like grapefruit you are going to love this Grapefruit Gin Mojito Drink.  The citrusy flavor of the grapefruit and lime combined with the sweetness of the simple syrup makes this

Pineapple Mojito Drink

Blended pineapple mojito drink with pineapple, mint, lime, and club soda. Hand holding large glass of drink with pineapple wedge.

Pineapple Mojito Drink For a refreshing taste reminiscent of the tropical islands, you’ll love this Pineapple Mojito drink.  The citrusy flavor of the pineapple and lime is a delicious combination of flavors that blend well together and provide a light

Blueberry Mojito Drink

Blueberry Mojito Drink This Blueberry Mojito Drink is a mix-up on the classic mojito.  The blueberries add a delightful flavor to the mojito and blend well with the lime.  The Blueberry Mojito is a tasty light cocktail and so easy

Kiwi and Lime-Mint Mojito Drink

a tall glass of kiwi and lime-mint mojito with rum and club soda. Garnished with limes and kiwi slices

  Kiwi and Lime-Mint Mojito Drink This twist on a classic drink will have you wanting more.  Its combination of flavors is refreshing and delicious and makes this cocktail a great choice of a drink to serve your guests or

Orange and Lemon-lime Mojito Drink

Orange and Lemon-lime Mojito Drink Try this citrusy Orange and Lemon-lime Mojito Drink.  It’s the perfect drink on a hot summer day.  The combination of flavors makes this drink a delicious and refreshing beverage you can enjoy anytime.  So easy

Cherry Lime and Mint Mojito Drink

A tall glass with cherry, mint, lime, rum , simple syrup, and ice. Garnished with fresh cherries and a sprig of mint.

Cherry Lime and Mint Mojito Drink This Cherry Lime and Mint Mojito Drink is a delicious spin on a cherry cola with lime. This refreshing cherry and lime drink is the perfect drink on a hot summer evening.  It’s so

Strawberry Mojito Drink

Two tall glasses strawberry mojito drink

Strawberry Mojito Drink For A refreshing drink to cool you off on those hot summer days you will want to try this Strawberry Mojito Drink.  Its’ delicious light combination of flavors will help to quench your thirst and will taste