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Finding your passion in life and getting on a path of self-discovery can lead us to the life we dream about. And taking the steps necessary to do so is the first choice we have to make on this journey.  So, continue reading to find how you can do this.

Are you at a point in your life where you feel like you are running on autopilot.  You have no passion in life.  You do the same thing day in and day out, always dreaming of the day that your life will change for the better.

Driving to your 9 to 5 job you ask yourself, is this how my life is always going to be?  Doing the same thing even though it does not make you happy.  While telling yourself I want a change, I want to be happy, I want to create something better for myself.  And then you ask yourself “where do I start”

You tell yourself if only I could find the job that would change my life, and if I could find something that I would enjoy doing, something that I cannot wait to start doing in the morning and cannot drag myself away from at night.

Maybe you would like to have that job that you love so much that it does not feel like a job but more like a choice.  A choice that you love to make every day.

Well, first you’ll have to find your passion, find what you are good at and find what makes you happy!  In this article, we are going to talk about 7  steps to finding your passion in life.

We will discuss how you can take the steps to reach within yourself and discover the passion you have had all along.

So, let’s get started, let’s find your passion!

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        Inner Child

  •  Find your inner child-Remember when you were a child and your mom would tell you to go outside and play.  She didn’t tell you to go outside and play fireman or teacher or baseball,  she didn’t tell you to specifically ride your bike or play hopscotch, you just did them on your own because that’s what made you happy. And that’s what you loved to do.  Be that child again, go after the things you love to do, do what makes you happy not what society says you should.  There will always be someone trying to tell you how to live your life.  Don’t let them. Find what you love and you will find your passion.
  • Dreams and Goals

  • Write down your dreams/goals-Writing things down always helps you to remember your thoughts.   Consequently, it gives you something visual, an opportunity to capture your thoughts when they happen and to see what your dreams and goals are at any given time.  Sometimes life gets hectic and we forget things.  And when we try to recall what that great idea we had two hours ago was we can’t, it’s gone  So, write it down so you can ponder over it while sipping your ice tea(Long island that is).  For more on journaling visit my post on habits…uccessful-people/ 
  • Be More of  Who You Are

  • Be yourself-Become more of who you are-Do what makes you happy.  If you feel confident about your choices in life, then you will love yourself more and therefore, this will lead you to do greater things for yourself.  Don’t let someone else tell you what your dreams, goals, or passions are.  Only you know this.  When you believe in yourself you may find that just maybe you can move mountains, but only you can find the strength within yourself to make it happen.  This takes us to step #4.
  • Strengths

  • Find your strengths-What are you good at, what activities do you participate in that make you feel powerful.  What are your interests, what puts you in your element?  Let’s say you like to bake and creating something tasty for your family is what puts you in your element, or are you the one that everyone comes to for help with their taxes, maybe they want your design ideas, or maybe you like to write, whatever it is that get your creative juices flowing will guide you to your strengths.  Also, by looking at many different areas of your life you will find many strengths that you never knew you had.
  • Dreams

    girl in yellow shirt sitting cross-legged thinking with the caption "your dream".

  • Dream-Then take Action-If you could have your dream job, what would it be.  We’ll use this scenario:  Let’s say, you love the outdoors. And in your spare time, you love to take your jeep out 4 wheeling, you dream about it all week.  You have this dream of starting your own back-country trail guiding company.  If that’s your dream, your passion, then act upon it!  Start somewhere, it could be with a list of ways you could make it happen(financing, inventory, location).  And then build on that list.  Start with your actions, one step at a time you can make your dreams become reality.  Dreams don’t come true without action and only you can take that first step.  So, go ahead, just do it!
  • Living Your Dream

  • Live within your dream-Imagine what your life would be like if you were living your dream.  Put yourself there.  What would you have to do to make that dream come true?  Will you have your own storefront business, or will you work from home (I prefer the latter)?  Do you work 4 hours or 40 hours a week?  What are the benefits of your new dream life?  The more you use your imagination to visualize what your dream life or your passion in life is, the more real it seems to you.  This will help guide you toward achieving your dreams.  So, go ahead and dream big!
  • Whatever Makes You Happy

  • Do something you love everyday-Take a walk, read your favorite book, work on your hobby, visit family and friends, take a nap.  Whatever it is that you love to do and makes you happy, makes you smile, do it!  It will help reduce your stress, make you feel happy, and as a result, will benefit your health, win, win.  It will help to open your mind and give you clarity in your life.  A clearer path in life leads to the ability to find your passions which leads to a happy life.


The title reads find your passion.  The truth is we already have our passion for life within ourselves.  We just need the steps above to get us in the right mindset to find it.

My hope is that this information will benefit you and will guide you toward finding the passion within you.  So, meditate on the steps above, find the passion within you and go make your dreams come true.

Until next time,


7 Steps to Finding Your Passion
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