Habits, we all have them, some are good, some are bad.

You may be looking for a way to gain some better habits while shedding others.

We will be discussing what are some habits of successful people and habits that will change your life.

We will also talk about how to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one, how long it takes to break a habit and how long it takes to start a new one.

Just a reminder that habits are something we do all the time.  Most of the time we don’t even recognize that we are doing whatever it might be.

We should also remember that we should be practicing our new habits regularly.  If we want to successfully change our habits we have to work at it all the time.  Not just on the weekends or when we get home from work, we need to practice them from sun up to sun down.

So, here we go!

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Habits you’ll want to start Now

  1. Get up Early-Getting up early gives you the chance to prepare yourself for your day.  Most successful people take advantage of getting up early, they don’ sleep until noon.  You are wasting your valuable time by sleeping in.  Our brains are sharpest 2-4 hours after waking so we are at our peak during our work hours which can make us more productive in our daily tasks.  Taking care of yourself with a morning routine can help you be ready to face the world.  Spend time with family, pets, do some exercise, or have some me time.  Do whatever gets you motivated and prepared for the day.
  2. Have a Daily Plan-Having a daily plan helps you to stay focused on your goals.  You know what you have to do and you do it.  You are not wasting valuable time being unorganized, not really having any direction, trying to remember what it was you needed to do today.  Most successful people have their day planned out before it ever starts.  When they leave the office the day before they are prepared for the next day.  Follow their lead and make yourself a plan, give yourself some direction otherwise, you may just get lost.  And some days that is Ok, but to be successful you will have to put in the time.
  3. Stay Active/Exercise-By exercising and staying active for at least an hour a day you can be in top shape to perform at your top level.  An active body leads to an active mind.  Keep yourself strong in body and mind by getting the daily exercise you need to stay that way.
  4.  Keep a Journal-Keeping a journal gives you the opportunity to reflect on your day.  You get to take a step back and look ata light brown daily journal with my journal written on a open page what was good and what wasn’t.  It gives you the opportunity to make improvements where you can in your life.  Or, you can just use a journal to record your thoughts and feelings.  However, you choose to journal, try to make it a daily habit.  For more on journaling see my post in Finding your Passion.https://daisies-n-dollars.com/finding-your-passion-7-easy-steps/
  5. Prioritize What’s Important-Know what your priorities are.  Take on the most important ones first, you can then fill in your day with less important priorities.  When you put what is important first you gain a sense of accomplishment and gratification which leads to satisfaction within yourself.  And, that is always a good place to be.
  6. Be Persistent-Be persistent, don’t give up.  Being persistent doesn’t mean you will always succeed but you will always be moving forward.  Persistent people don’t dwell on failure, they learn from it and move on.  You will never know if you will succeed until you persistently put effort toward your goals
  7. Meditate/Find Solitude-By taking a few minutes each day to reflect on your thoughts and to process your day, you get the chance to replenish your energy, so you can continue with your day.  It helps to clear your mind, reduces stress, improves your productivity, and facilitates creativity.  And it also helps you to have a better outlook on your day.
  8. Treat others with Kindness-When you focus on treating others with kindness you will feel better about yourself and you will find that people react to you differently.  Find a way each day to be kind to someone, “to make their day” and you will find that it may just make your day as well.
  9. Never Stop Learning-You should never stop learning new information.  This allows you to stay on top of things, to better desk with notebookand pen, book open to middle of book and a cup of coffee.your life by continually educating yourself.  You should never believe you are too old to learn something new.  Some people start new careers or find new hobbies, anything they can to continue on life’s journey regardless of their age.  When one chapter ends in your life, start another one.  Only you will tell yourself you can’t.  Always keep a positive attitude toward improving your life by seeking out new opportunities and educating yourself with new paths in life.
  10. Give Back to Others-Nothing can make you appreciate your life more than helping those that are less fortunate.  By helping others, we help ourselves.  We learn to be compassionate, giving, caring and accepting of others.  These are riches that can’t be bought.  So, volunteer on the weekends for something that you are interested in helping with.  You will be glad you did.


Habits of Successful People

Most successful people all have a few daily habits in common that they do regularly.  Below is a list of these habits that you may want to incorporate into your own life.

  1. Using their Inner Voice-Simply put, they talk to themselves.  By talking your way through a task, you are in a sense guiding yourself.  This helps to reduce stress and helps with productivity.
  2. Knowledgeable-This relates to never stop learning something new.  Successful people read daily.  They are always seeking new information and finding ways to educate themselves.  Successful people are never afraid to ask the questions on their mind.  They would rather learn something new then to appear smart.
  3. Keep a Journal-Once again, keeping a journal gives you clarity in life.  A place to reflect on your thoughts and the world around you.
  4. They Speak with Certainty and Clarity-Successful people speak assertively because they know it is hard to get people to listen to you if you can’t deliver your ideas with conviction.
  5. Exercise Daily-They know that an active body leads to an active mind.  To be at the top level you have got to be in topwomen sitting on floor doing exercises This is the habits you want to start your day with shape, physically, as well as mentally.
  6. Have a Morning Routine-They knows this gives you structure and energizes you for your day ahead.  You can focus on the things that matter in your day.  Knowing you got the best start to your day can improve the rest of it.
  7. Use Positive Body Language-They know positive body language makes all the difference in a conversation because how you say something can be more important than what you say.  Speaking enthusiastically, maintaining eye contact, and leaning towards the person who’s speaking are all forms of positive body language used by successful people.
  8. Be Persistent-They never give up.  They are always putting 110% on everything they do.  When they have an idea they persistently pursue that idea.  They don’t give up or give in.  They continuously move forward.
  9. Seek out small victories-They know the confidence you get when you achieve a series of small victories which can give you the confidence to tackle something more challenging.
  10. Learn To Value Solitude-They give themselves “me time” to reflect on their life and themselves.  They are not afraid to be alone.  They use the time to replenish and to re-energize themselves.Practice Gratitude-They know that gratitude can get you further ahead of the game.  Instead of basking in their own achievements they recognize others for the help they have given them.
  11. Be Fearless-They know that fear is a choice and that starting a new venture can cause fear of the unknown.  Instead of letting fear take over they use fear to fuel their ambitions.
  12. They’re Appreciative-They know the hard work that goes into becoming successful at what they do and how important it is to appreciate the opportunities that life has given them.  And they know how important it is to show appreciation to the people that have helped them along the way.
  13. Make a Strong First Impression-They know that a strong first impression can “make or break you”.  They know that positive body language is everything.  A strong posture, a firm handshake, a smile, and open shoulders will ensure your first impression is a good one.
  14. Be Honest-They know that honesty will allow you to connect with people in a way that dishonesty cannot.  They also know that lying will always come back and bite you.  They know that causing distrust among your network can affect your bottom line.
  15. Prepare for Everyday Life-They keep a daily agenda and they prepare their day ahead of time.  They know the importance of being prepared for your day and how having a list of tasks can help you get through your day better prepared.  They know what they are going to do that day and they do it.
  16. Don’t Multitask-Focusing on the task at hand, they don’t let any distractions bother them.  Knowing they need to keep at it until the job is done before they move on to the next task.  They know you get more done by focusing on one task rather than trying to do too many things at once.
  17. Listen to Others-They know that listening and letting people talk is key to winning them over in life, in business, and girl sitting on rock with arms raised in triumpt looking over the ocean below. Celebrate new habits.in all human relationships.
  18. Take the Time to Reflect-They know this gives them the opportunity to look back at the lessons learned and to begin improving on them.
  19. Practice Self Control- They understand the importance of discipline and self-control.

How do I Break Old Habits

Start by keeping a log of when you perform the old habit.  Write down what you were doing and how you were feeling.  This helps to find a pattern of your habit and helps to determine why you do them.

Next, you need to get rid of any temptation.  Try to avoid anything that will make you want to fall back into your old habit.  Avoid objects places or people that may influence you.

You can add something unpleasant to your habit.  This will quickly remind you not to do it.  An example may be that you bite your nails.  If you add polish to your nails this would not taste good.  That would be unpleasant to you and would remind you to not bite your nails.

You can replace a bad habit with a good one.  When you perform the new habit, you have less time or desire to do the old habit.  A great example would be if you wanted to eat healthier you could challenge yourself to prepare a certain number of healthy meals per week.  This would take your focus off eating unhealthy and put the focus on creating something healthy.

Stay vigilant about sticking to your plan and reward yourself for doing well.  Meditation can help you calm your mind and bring yourself satisfaction.

You may choose to seek help from family and friends or you may feel the need to seek professional help.

Whatever you may choose, remember that it takes time and determination to make changes.  Don’t let yourself get discouraged and never give up.

How do I Form a New Habit and How Long will it Takean arrow pinting right with the words time for change written on it. Time for sits on top of arrow, change sits inside of arrow. Change your habits

According to research conducted by Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at the University of London, on average it can take anywhere from two months to eight months to successfully form a new habit.

The study also found that if you mess up every once in a while, it does not seem to change the outcome or slow down the process.

The key is to continually work toward your new habit and it will get easier with time.  Say you want to start walking every day.  You could start by walking just fifteen minutes a day.  Then with time, you will be in the habit of going for your walk every day and you can then begin to build up the amount of time you spend at it.

In Conclusion

I hope you gained the information you are looking for.  This has been a lot to take in.  But you now know some important habits you should start and why.

You have an idea of how successful people use their own habits to get ahead in life learned about habits that can change your own life.

You know it takes a little bit more time then most of us would like to form a new habit but having consistency, you will get there.

My advice to you is to hang in there and make the changes you need to so you begin to improve your life.




Empower Yourself With 36 Habits of the Most Successful People

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